Dog Walking Seaham, Sunderland & County Durham

We begin by walking your dog on a one to one basis so we can really get to know your dog’s individual personality.  We will then match your dog to another dog which has a compatible personality so they can become walking friends.

Dogs are naturally pack animals and enjoy each others company. Walking with a friend will physically and mentally stimulate your dog. This will enhance your dogs enjoyment. Your dog will return home from their walk tired, and a tired dog is a very happy and satisfied dog.

Your dog will be safely transported in our dog friendly van to a dog friendly walking location.  We are lucky there are so many lovely places locally where your dog will love to go for their walk. Once we arrive your dog will be walked for the time length we have agreed. When returned home if your dog has muddy paws and tummy they are cleaned and dried before going back inside your home.

Puppy and elderly dog

If you have a puppy or an elderly dog then a 20 minute visit may be more suitable. The visit includes a brief walk (if able to do so), feeding, toilet break and lots of loving attention. Basic puppy training is also included.