Pet Sitting

cat sitting

Some cats become very anxious when taken to catteries as they love their home environment. Due to an increase in noise, strange smells and smaller confinement within a cage that they experience in catteries some pets can lose weight and conditioning from the added stress. So when their owners return to collect them they can be quite shocked.

We offer a stress free alternative to catteries. We will visit your cat in the comfort of their own home.

We will visit your cat for 20 or 40 minutes in the morning and/or the evening to feed, play, cuddle, groom and clean their litter tray. We will focus on whatever activities your cat loves to do the most. If you would like your cat to have a bit more company then the visits can be extended. They will have their home comforts and loving company.

To make your home safer we will also prevent post building up at the front door, alternate curtains and lights to make it appear that someone is home. We can also water your indoor plants free of charge.

Small Pet Sitting

We also care for small/caged pets such as rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters etc… We visit for 20 minutes which includes feeding, cleaning the cage or hutch and providing loving attention.   

Unfortunately we are unable to offer dog sitting service in our home as we own 2 beautiful cats who would not be happy with a dog as a guest. We are also no longer able to offer our house sitting service.